We are all cat people here at AWWG. So here are our pets in all their glory. ❤


Landon’s Cat. Incredibly loving, very cuddly, and chill AF.


Hayden’s Cat.

Luther & Sol

Luther: Scorpio. Four. Evil in the best (and worst) way.
Likes: Worm on a string, eating plastic bags. Dislikes: Shoes, the sound of plastic bags.

Sol(stice): Aries. One. A new addition to Adam’s family, but already feels like home.
The sweetest soul you’ll ever meet.

Mango & Boots

Mango is our big belly orange tabby boy. He loves head and butt scratches. He isn’t much of a cuddler but he’s still a cute lovable boy. He spends his days either napping or running around like a maniac. 

Boots is our big cuddly baby girl. She’s a black and white tuxedo kitty and we think she has some Maine coon in there somewhere. She’s polydactyl, she loves to lay on chests and and she hides all her extra mischief in her kitty thumbs. 

Boots and Mango are best friends and love licking each other and wrestling.